Live the experience with us and let’s explore the unknown together.

Our mission is as big as your dream of travelling to Australia

and we can help you to make it happen!

Many of us are afraid of the unknown, of a new language, of a new job, of a new love, of a new challenge… And it is okay to feel this way. 

What if we told you that that unknown is the motivation you need to go further than you ever thought possible?

Would you take that step to explore the unknown? 

You can make the decision and do it. When you do! You will find that you can achieve your life dream. When you come here, you will see that Australia is much more than you think. Working and studying go hand-in-hand and very soon, you will be speaking English and know that nothing is impossible.

Accept the challenge and prove to yourself that overcoming the fear is the best way to explore the unknown.

Welcome explorer!

Angelica Bastilla


Quick Talks

with our explorers 

They chose us and changed their lives for better. Discover their stories.

Sebastian escobar


“I am Sebastian Escobar. I decided to travel to Australia to explore the unknown. Yes Study Australia helped me, after studying English for a year, I fulfilled my dream of studying to be an airline pilot”.

Watch his story 

Maria ancines

Creative Art Director

“I took the leap and  I explored the unknown with the help of Yes Study Australia, after one year studying English, I worked as a hostess, barista, waitress and now I’m working in my career in this wonderful country”.

Watch her story 

Cristian "firex"


“Hi I’m Cristian “Firex and I overcame my fear of the unknown. I didn’t do it alone, Yes Study Australia helped me to explore this country and I learnt a new language. Now, I work as a barber and I plan living here forever”.

Watch his story

Every explorer needs a guide

How can you face the fear and exploring the unknown? Let our experienced student assistants guide you!

Getting started guide

Don’t worry about starting your journey alone, we’re here for you! Take the first step!


  • We pick you up at the airport.
  • We help you by activating your mobile SIM Card.
  • We open your bank account.
  • We apply for your TFN – Tax File Number.
  • We apply for your ABN – Australia Business Number.
  • We provide you with work contacts.
  • We help you with the guidance to complete your resume.
  • We help you find short courses and/or certifications to work with.
  • We offer you free training workshops.
  • We offer you informative seminars.
  • We give you a $50 AUD welcome bonus.

Personalized advice

We help you to choose the best program, education provider and perfect city according to your budget, and most importantly in line with your goals.

Visa renewal

We advise you so that you can prolong your studies and stay in Australia for as long as you want.

Visa application

We prepare all your documentation in order to process your student visa application from the beginning until the end, with no additional cost.

Immigration advice

If you want to explore another type of visa, we will guide you to obtain an advisory service with an immigration agent.


We help you to find the best accommodation during your stay, according to your expectations and budget.

Exclusive offer

Get your $50 aud

welcome bonus!

Do you want to face the challenge and explore the unknown with us? 

Choose your program and change your life!

General English

English level: Beginner to Advanced

During your exploration in Australia, you’ll use more words than “kangaroo” or “koala”, so this program has a practical approach that seeks to increase your level of English by exploring your environment and doing daily activities. 

 Business English

English level: Upper-Intermediate

In the business world you have a lot to explore, and to discover it, you must have a good level of English. With this program, you’ll acquire the necessary skills to read and write in a business environment.

 You’ll learn how to apply effective business skills, understand and master the complex cultural differences involved in international business, develop portfolios and prepare for job interviews.

English for the Technology Industry

English level: Upper-Intermediate

If you’re a sea tech explorer, dive into it, but in Australia! This unique 12-week program helps you to develop the language skills essential to success in the technology field. During your course you’ll take the following workshops: 

  • Develop your own Android app.
  • Create your own piece of digital design.

Academic English

English level: Upper-Intermediate

If you are a young and risky explorer, this the program is for you. We’ll guide you so that you have the skills you need to succeed in college and any other adventure around the world. You’ll learn from practical techniques to boost your study grades until the preparation of your first job interview; allowing you to have more confidence in any academic, social, or work situation.


English level: Intermediate-Upwards

If you are a more experienced explorer, this course will focus on helping you with your pronunciation and fluency, working on the sounds, intonation and rhythm of the English language. You’ll gain more fluency with vocabulary and listening comprehension through everyday journeys, like ordering food in a restaurant or even more complex journeys, like facing a job interview.

Preparation for Cambridge International exam

English level: Pre-Intermediate-Upward

Every explorer has to demonstrate everything he has learned and prove to himself that he can do it. We help you to get ready for this challenge.


If you are a risky explorer who thinks of overcoming any challenge, we are ready to prepare you for the Official Cambridge exam. This course will improve your fluency in pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, writing, comprehension hearing and reading.


English level: Intermediate-Upward

This is for advanced explorers who already speak English but were captivated by Australia and the dream of living here.

This course is designed to develop your language skills and prepare you for the general or academic modules of the IELTS Test. The course is challenging and fast-paced, with a clear focus on improving English language skills and exam techniques.


Vocational Education Training


English level: Upper-Intermediate

If you’re a more experienced explorer and have an upper intermediate level of English, why not say “hello” to a new world of possibilities?

These courses are hands-on and combine real-life situations with a learning experience to give you the best chance to succeed in your chosen area.

Come and study a higher-level course with a variety of approaches!



    Management and Leadership

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    Social Media Management

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    Human Resources

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    Event Management

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    Recreations and Sport

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    Elderly and Disabled Care

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    Business Administration

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    Marketing and Communications

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    Environmental Sustainability

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    Financial Planning

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    Tourism and Hospitality Management

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    Technology Information

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    Massage Teraphy

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    Automobile Mechanics

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